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2016 Proton Pack to be auctioned by Prop Store, license plate auctioned for charity by Hero Props


Back in 2021 we reported that a number of items from Ghostbusters: Answer The Call, including lighting-up hero Proton Pack props, were set to go under the hammer by auction house Prop Store, only for the lots to be withdrawn from the auction at short notice.

Two years later, one of those lots, one of the aforementioned-light up hero Proton Packs is scheduled to appear in Prop Store's upcoming Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction: Los Angeles 2023 event, scheduled for the 28th-30th of June.

As seen with past auctions by Prop Store, these events prevent a fantastic opportunity to gather reference images of the props and a closer look at their construction through their catalogue listings, and in the instances where Prop Store has arranged a public exhibition of some of the items before they're sold.

In the 2021 auction, this hero Proton Pack prop was listed with a estimate of £8,000 - £12,000, so it'll be interesting to see if the new listing features a similar, or different estimate.

In related news, a recent auction by Hero Props featured a screen-used Ecto-1 license plate from Ghostbusters: Answer The Call, which sold for $3,250, with proceeds going to "We Care for Kylie", a charity drive in aid of Kylie Armstrong, daughter of Hero Props co-owner Tiana Armstrong, who is battling Stage IV cancer.

Posted By: Kingpin at May 20th, 2023, 7:20 am

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Fanhome relaunches Eaglemoss Ecto-1


After the collapse of Eaglemoss Ltd, collectable company Premium & Collectibles Trading Co. raised hopes four months ago, when they added a web page to their Fanhome website for the buildable Ecto-1 replica.

After much waiting and stress, collectors will be relieved to know that the interest page has now become a preorder page, allowing fans in The United States, The United Kingdom and Germany to either start a subscription, or to resume where their subscription had got up to when Eaglemoss filed for bankruptcy.

And revealed to Jason Fitzsimmons at Ghostbusters News, the intention is for the stock for the buildable Ecto-1 to become available around mid-July.

Unfortunately, there are no details yet as to when the subscriptions will be extended to Austria and The Netherlands, and sadly there is no indication of whether the service will be extended to Canada.

Posted By: Kingpin at May 10th, 2023, 2:31 pm

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Further details revelead about next Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed update

It was only yesterday when we last covered the upcoming update for Illfonic's Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed, and as a sign of how quickly developments can unfold, we now have a whole host of new information concerning the next update, due out Thursday 20th April.

As previously reported, the update will feature equipment skins based on 1997's Extreme Ghostbusters, and a new map set in a New York County courthouse. We can also report that there will be additional content inspired by Extreme Ghostbusters beyond the equipment skins, such as hairstyles and outfits, giving users the choice to don Kylie's armor, and Eduardo's vest/shirt combo.

Further to this, the update will also debut a new ghost type: the "possessor".
Styled visually on the Terror Sentinel from Ghostbusters: Afterlife, this new addition will also have its own suitably Gozerian-style minions.

There'll also be new drudges and traps to hamper the Ghostbusters' efforts during gameplay.

Finally, users will have a greater degree of customisation than previously-seen.
In addition to the existing options to customise the Ghostbuster's face and build, users will now have the ability to select different paint schemes for the appearance of their equipment.
Players will also now have the ability to apply the in-game collectable patches to an assortment of shirt options to resemble printed T-shirts and sweatshirts.

Posted By: Kingpin at April 18th, 2023, 3:06 pm

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Spirit Halloween to produce life-size Proton Pack replica


It's been almost six years since Spirit Hallowen first unveiled its Proton Pack replica, and the costume item has become a regular sight each year as the days grow shorter, and the nights spookier.

And while you might be forgiven for thinking Spirit Halloween had reached the end of the road with what it could do with the light-and-sound Proton Pack accessory, it looks like the company is giving the public what it's been clamoring for since the original 2017 release: a full-size version of the replica.

The new Pack's dimensions are 26 inches high, 15 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. The replica will feature animated blue lights for the Power Cell, red lights for the Cyclotron and a white light in the Proton Gun, while also featuring sounds; including: Power up, power down, and firing.

In addition to the Pack itself, the costuming item will also come packaged with a pair of gloves, and three embroidered patches.

The new adult-scale Proton Pack is priced at $250. Visit the topic to view for a better look at the Pack.

You can purchase the Proton Pack replica at Spirit Halloween through the following link:

( receives a commission for sales generated through this link. Thank you for your support!)

Posted By: Kingpin at April 18th, 2023, 11:48 am

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Illfonic teases next update with Extreme Ghostbusters equipment shells


The next update to Illfonic's Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed isn't too far away now, and to ramp up interest in the next batch of free content, the publisher has released an image via the game's official Instagram account.
The first big reveal is that the next update will feature equipment shells based on the equipment from Extreme Ghostbusters. Meanwhile an additional image uploaded to the same Instagram account has revealed that the new map will be a courthouse.

Posted By: Kingpin at April 17th, 2023, 11:18 am

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