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By kalavera
So I've noticed at least 4 people on the boards in the Pensacola Area. What say we get together and form up?

I can get some meeting space at Pensacola State College, for starters(we can move to another location later). I don't propose to run this group, i'm just trying to get the ball rolling/started. I am sure there are far more knowledgeable GB costumers than me.
By Victor Delgado
Oh, didn't even realize who you were.

And yeah, my wife and I are rocking our packs to that. Gotta add Ernie Hudson's signature to our pack.
By kalavera
I am just gonna be able to get my basic BG1 flight suit ready for that day. Hope to start work on pack and trap soon.
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By guitar1036
Sorry for getting to this late. I'd be down for getting up sometime next week. Work till 4pm-ish give or take (unless it's my day off). Have never gotten together with fans that weren't friends.
By kalavera
I agree. Whats everyone's schedule/availability?
By CWarfield42
Derp, how did I just now find this? The hubster and I are in Navarre til January some time.

We're free most evenings (except Tuesday) and most Saturdays. Sunday is D&D day.
By Victor Delgado
Alright, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that organizing here is not the best option for us. I vote we make a small Facebook page to organize ourselves, just like every other franchise does.

Since there was a Pensacola Ghostbusters at one point (now defunct), I vote a new name. Blue Angel Ghostbusters?
By CWarfield42
Yeah although we're all on here, we tend to not post often...We buy a lot of stuff here. *shrug* You should get in contact with Joseph (under facebook profile Pensacola Ghostbusters). He goes to alot of local things. Also, talk with some of the Alabama guys. I think there are some in the Mobile area. :)

The hubster and I will still show up to stuff until we head out next month.
By CWarfield42
The hubster and I are now in Houston, but you should still contact Joseph Padilla (Pensacola Ghostbusters) on Facebook. He's still in the area. Also our buddy Zac who works at TBS Comics in Ft. Walton Beach is a huge GB fan, so maybe you can convince him to finally suit up? I'd love to see you guys get a franchise officially up and running! :)
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By guitar1036

You down for checking out Pensacola Ghostbusters Facebook and trying to make something happen? I'm down for a get together. If we get a few people together we could all meet somewhere.
By Victor Delgado
For anyone still interested, we might be meeting up with a few fellow busters this Saturday at 1030 at BookAMillion. All are welcome! Let's form up before the Halloween season starts up!
By Firefighterguy
Hi ! I've been interested in joining a group and I'm about 40 mins outside of Pensacola. Any chance ? From Alabama but living in Florida now and would love to participate and meet you all
By Victor Delgado
You guys are a bit late to the game. I'm currently deployed and then heading to Colorado afterwards. After three years in Pcola, we were unable to get enough steady interest to get a group together. Good luck to you.
By kalavera
Lone__Gunman wrote: August 19th, 2017, 4:47 pm As another Alabama to Florida transplant, I am also interested!
You still in Pensacola area?
By Lone__Gunman
I am! Sorry for slow reply--am rarely on this board. But I live in Crestview, about 50 minutes or so from Pensacola.

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