So this looks really cool to me, but I wouldn’t want to buy it one piece at a time not can I afford to right now. But say 2 years from now price wouldn’t matter, and I’d go on the website and buy every part all at once.
Will the entire set be ready and still available in 2-3 years? Or is it a buy this part now or you’ll never get to again kind of thing?

How screen accurate to the prop are them shooting for, not just in looks, but material used?

Will they use genuine parts (or I guess we could use our own?) like Clippards where available? Are they going to replicate the GB1 ribbon cable?

Will the wand have a pop out eject mechanism?

Will there be lights and sounds (I wouldn’t want to spend $2K only for it to be less functional than the Hasbro setup)?

What other concerns have there been so far?

I’m very excited to get a freshly made looking 84 pack. This seems to be the best route so far and is licensed.
oidoglr wrote: December 1st, 2021, 12:52 pmhttps://macksfactory.myshopify.com/coll ... /all-parts

A lot of the questions you have can be answered as well as anyone here just by looking at the entire catalog of parts.
Not so much..
Here's a Facebook group that Aaron Mack and his people post in, I recommend trying to ask your questions there:

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It might be worthwhile to buy the parts when they're definitely available. I can only work with the GBFans store and other part sellers as a frame of reference, but it's been rare in the past that a Pack part seller would have everything in stock all at once.

I appreciate this means not being able to combine everything into a single order to save on shipping, but it might be better to order now than face potential regret later.
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