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By ghoulishfright
Can anyone please help me identify the fonts used in the title cards for The Real Ghostbusters? Not the actual Ghostbusters font, but the fonts used for both the episode title and the "Written by" line.

The font for the episode title does not appear to match any of the fonts in my text software.

The "Written by" font appears to be Helvetica, but slightly narrower than the regular Helvetica I have in my software, so I could be wrong.

Can anybody identify them?

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By Kingpin
Optima Bold seems to be a good match, however... You may need to find one of the lookalike fonts to Optima Bold, as it doesn't seem to have a built-in reversed quotation mark like the title cards have: ‟ (the other ones you may need are ” and ‚ - depending on what you're looking to write)
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By ghoulishfright
You're right, it definitely appears to be some bold variation of Optima (not sure how I missed that one). As for the quotation marks, with italics and a simple mirror effect, I can replicate the title cards well enough for my purposes.

Thanks Kingpin!
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